After designing and delivering your website, it takes time to maintain and provide quality and consistent information to create great user experiences.

Online Presence Management

We can maintain and manage all your online content allowing you to focus on your core business activities. You will also have the security and knowledge that we will take care of the more technical aspects of your online presence management, and will only be a phone call or an email away.

Security and Server Maintenance

Free up your time and resources for your own business priorities instead of being distracted by the more serious parts of online management. Our Monthly Security and Server Maintenance covers a wide range of details that are sometimes overlooked by clients but can be vital to the integrity and online presence of a business.

Whichever hosting provider you choose we can work with, however we recommend Site Ground. We will handle the management on the server side as well as from our custom clients dashboard which connect to the back-end of registered sites. Our services include, but are not limited to:

Backups and Staging Environments

On the server side we will ensure it is set up to produce daily backups. Additionally we create remote backups to our private servers for additional security and also for the purpose of testing major changes before committing them live.

Security Services

Constantly monitor your server file system in order to identify issues and minimize the risk of infections and hacks to prevent downtime and other possible problems.

Up-time Monitors

We check your website to make sure it is up & running every 5 minutes. We are also notified in the event of any downtime and can investigate to identify and rectify the issue at the soonest possible time.

Theme & Plugin Updates

Ensure websites stay up to date and secure with latest patches and fixes available through theme and plugin developers. This prevents hackers and bots form taking advantage of loop holes and open ports. We also do plugin and theme audits which allow us to know which plugins or themes on both the Joomla and WordPress repositories are flagged as compromised.

Backups are always done before updates, and a system scan is performed after updating to ensure that updates done were compatible.

Account Management

Creating new website accounts for employees. Also creating new email accounts when requested and configuring them to work with email clients of your choice for you. (Outlook, Google, Hotmail, Yahoo mail…)

Server Administration

Security & Server

$ 59 USD Monthly
  • Backups and Staging Environments
  • Security Services
  • Up-time Monitors
  • Theme & Plugin Updates
  • Account Management
  • Server Administration

If you will like to have all three maintenance packages. Then special Bundle prices are available upon request.

Content Maintenance

The Content Maintenance Service package gives you all the benefits and support of a full online content management and web development team. Content Maintenance may include: Content Updates, Ongoing Development and Social Media Management . Clients simply send us an email with a description of the changes, or communicates to us effectively the changes needed. No change is too small! If the changes are minor, we can usually have the updates completed within half an hour to an hour.

For large content updates or development changes, once the client has relayed the needed changes or updates to our team, we will quickly analyze how much time or days it will take to best execute the changes and inform the client in advance so they have an idea of when to expect completion.

Content Updates

This aspect of website maintenance is the one clients typically think of, which is the editing and uploading of content to the website and ensuring it sits seamlessly withing the design.

Ongoing Development

Selecting to have Ongoing Development as part of your Content Maintenance service package may have huge advantages for companies who operate solely online or consider their online presence a major factor in day to day operations and/or marketing strategies.

Social Media Management

With this aspect of Content Maintenance, a Social Media Marketing Plan will be created specific to each client and consist of, both free and paid forms of engagement. Daily Posts, Strategic Advertisement Campaigns and ways to Maximize engagement based on ideal times to post.

After speaking with a Marketing representative of your company and gathering all the goals and expectations,  we will accurately construct a plan to engage with customers and raise brand awareness for  the businesses along with its services/products.


We also offer Social Media Maintenance packages. Inclusive but not limited to the following


$ 177 USD Monthly
  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos


Maintenance +
$ 325 USD Monthly
  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Ongoing Development

Social Media

$ 177 USD Monthly
  • Photo Posts
  • Video Posts
  • Status Updates
  • Links
  • Events
  • Marketing & Analytics

All Inclusive

$ 400 USD Monthly
  • Content Updates
  • Social Media Management
  • Ongoing Development