Hosting Solutions

With the drastically high amount of hosting providers you can choose from online, even the most popular and prominent names don’t make the choice easy anymore.

Finding Good Hosting

We are not hosting providers, and we don’t pretend to be. We analyse the needs of each client, then recommend suitable hosting providers

Even if you already have a website or it’s your first time deciding on getting one. If you require assistance, feel free to view our Maintenance packages or contact us

Characteristics of a good hosting company

When looking for a reliable web hosting provider, there are some key characteristics that we look for.

Customer Service

One of the most important factors we look at when choosing a web host is delving into the customer service they provide. We look at web reviews from customers who are with them and call their customer service ourselves. If they have good customer service, they will be happy to answer any queries we have on their services.


The biggest concern we have when choosing new web hosting providers is the reliability they offer. We look for 99.9% or 100% up-time guarantees.


If your website contains sensitive information like customer details, we recommend choosing a provider that goes the extra mile. We look into the web hosts policy on the information it stores for you. Are they allowed to sell it? Is it technically owned by them? Can it share the information with anyone it likes? It may sound cynical, but you really need to look into these things as companies have some very interesting things in their privacy policy and terms and conditions policy. Also, a host must be able to provide some sort of protection or prevention with your hosting package.


You need a fast web host. We look into the upload speeds you get as well as the download speeds. You want to be able to upload your files with efficiency as well as have users browse with ease. We like to ensure what is printed is what we get.

Who do we recommend?

For all the reasons above, we have chosen and used Site Ground in the past and continue to do so. However, if today or tomorrow we find a better fit, we are not limited to Site Ground, but the best option considering all details. Site Ground is also the host of the official Joomla website and its Joomla Demo sites. 

The service and hosting features Site Ground provides are top-notch and reasonably priced. Our position is that after analyzing all the required features of a reliable host, Site Ground is simultaneously fast, secure, scalable, and flexible and has one of the best customer service in the industry.